Horticulture and Sustainability

Plant identification…
not sure if it’s a weed or just always wanted to know what that beautiful tree was… a qualified horticulturalist can provide you with the answer.

Species selection… for a new garden is crucial, whether you want to create a Balinese garden in Canberra, an homage to cacti in Goulbourn or a Japanese garden in Sydney, the right plants can create the effect you desire and still survive in your climate with minimal maintenance.

Environmental assessment… of a site and subsequent environmental or horticultural reports for advisory purposes, development processes or DA approval.

Sustainability… Having difficulty keeping up with the rapid changes in legislation and developments in technology? We can help to decipher what is suitable and achievable for your home or business and the immediate outlay (including relevant rebates) compared with the cost effectiveness of energy savings over time. We can also devise a strategy to help you work towards carbon neutrality.

Both these services are available also as supplementary provisions to all our Landscape Architectural services.